7 Tips for Outdoor Advertising:

1. To much content on your ad - Can clients read it all?
      Remember potential clients are on the go. They can’t stop to read your message
      Ad clutter confuses the eyes and potential clients won’t find your key information.
2. What’s behind the ad? - Is it visible to potential clients?
      Don’t use colors on a sign that are in front of the same color.  Ex: A green sign in front of trees.
3. Ad competition - Get Noticed
      Do something different, some how some way make sure your sign / ad is the first everyone sees.
4. Branding - it’s your image
     Make sure your outdoor ad reflects your business. Logo, colors, style, personality, etc.
5. Billboard Rentals - Very costly but can be very effective for branding or event advertising
     Drive by the billboard several times both day and night to check its visibility
     Look for obstructions, Trees, Utility Poles, etc.
     How far away can the billboard be seen?
     How many seconds does a driver have to read you ad?
6. Bus Advertising - Costly and not much control of your ad placement
     What happens when the bus goes in the shop for repair? This can be a disaster for a time sensitive ad.
     How often are the buses washed, particularly in the winter?
7. Roadside Signs - Affordable and effective
    In most counties, these signs are a zoning violation and they will be picked up by the county and you may be fined.
    Some counties allow them to go out on the weekend but must be picked up by Monday morning.