Cost of an Auto Wrap, Return on Investment

    Most small business owners shy away from getting an auto wrap because they can’t see the long term return on investment.
The average cost of a an auto wrap is about $3000 -$3500 for a small to mid-size car or truck. That may or may not seem like much to you, but what is most important is the Return on Investment (ROI).
    When a vehicle wrap is done correctly, it will be noticed by tens of thousands of people on a daily bases. You will also have the ability to take your auto wrap or mobile ad to seek out potential clients wherever and whenever you desire. You will always have complete control of your advertisement allowing you to maximize your companies branding.
Now you’re asking "Why in the world would I buy an Auto wrap for my company?
• Because when it's done right, it will be the best and most interesting piece of advertising you ever bought for your company!
  They are fun to drive. They sell for you while you’re driving, and people stop you and ask you for a business card.
• (ROI) If a wrap costs $3500 and it lasts 36 months, that’s $3.20 per day for a mobile billboard. A well designed, and well driven, auto wrap can generate tens of thousands of views per day. Compare that to other forms of advertising and you will quickly be confident in your decision to invest in an auto wrap.

How long does an auto wrap last?
    Most first time buyers of an auto wrap are usually mislead by warranties and life expectancies of an auto wrap. The auto wrap industry, especially internet auto wrap sites, tries very hard to promote an auto wrap having a 5-year or more life and/or warranty. A more realistic life expectancy is 3 years.
    So why would we say an auto wrap only has a life expectancy of 3 years? We have over 10 years experience in the industry managing our clients’ vehicle wraps and have noticed a few things in that time: Vehicles are abused in one way or another everyday. Your wrap will eventually start to have flaws, dents, accidents, scrapes and even stains if left under trees, etc. But don’t let this scare you! Vehicle wraps are still the best form of advertising to date, because of the ROI.
What you need to know about an auto wrap cost  & Warranty?
    All the internet companies offer a 5-year warranty. Really? Read the fine print! 3M is the industry leader in auto wrap vinyl, followed by Avery. If your sign company of choice is not using either of those products, stop now. 3M does offer a 5 year auto wrap warranty; however that is only on vertical surfaces. Other surfaces such as a hood or roof are only under warranty for 2.5 years. Sadly, these warranties do not cover our labor they only reimburse the material.
What is the most important thing to research when shopping for an auto wrap?
    The life of an auto wrap totally depends on the owner’s care, and who is producing and installing it. That’s it! If your source for an auto wrap lacks the proper knowledge, your wrap will likely fail sooner than later. Here are a few tips to better understand the processes your chosen sign company should know:

• Out-gassing the prints is key. Before laminating the wrap it is critical to understand the out-gassing process. If this step is not taken your vehicle wrap will start to turn brown in a few months as the inks try to breathe. The gases will become trapped between the material and laminate, causing a premature failure to your investment.
•Too much ink will cause a premature failure as the inks saturate the vinyl and begin to make the adhesive unstable.
• Installation is probably the most important part of the entire job - besides an effective auto wrap design. If the auto wrap installation is not done by professional installers, you run the risk of having cut marks in your paint (from trimming) from someone who has not been properly trained. Usually a client won’t realize their paint has been damaged until the wrap is removed. Also, an installer has to know the stretching limits of the vinyl and proper finishing methods. If they don't, the wrap will begin lifting & curling.
• Your sign shop of choice should offer some sort of warranty of their own and should take all precautions to insure that they meet the qualifications of the vinyl manufacturer’s warranty. They should also keep a sample print in a filing cabinet, along with the lot     numbers of the vinyl purchased. This sample will also help the printer manage colors for future products without having to have the original wrap on site.

Before you go!
• Ask lots of questions! Make sure your 100% confident in the company producing your company’s auto wrap. Also, ask for a production schedule so you know your wrap will be completed on time and as expected.
Please email us if you have any questions or an interest in purchasing an auto wrap!


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