5 Important things you need from a sign manufacturing company to build a useful sign.   


1. A sign must catch the attention of a consumer  - Viewing distance, viewing angles, visibility time, and speed of a traveling consumer are all factors that play into making an effective or qualtiy sign.

2. The consumer must be able to read it - If any of those factors are over looked during the design process then you well end up with an expensive decoration. Not a Sign! 

3. A sign must relay a clear message to a potential consumer - With the busy lifestyles of todays consumers we only have seconds to grab the attention of a busy consumer and tell them "We have what your looking for right here!" If your sign does not give a clear messege todays consumer is usually in a hurry and to busy to stop and figure out if you are selling exactly what they need or want. It is our job to help you get your messege out clearly to the busy consumer sometimes in less than a few seconds. 

4. A quality built sign is extremely important - We live in a world that people can sue and get paid for just about anything. High quality craftsmanship and quality materials are both extremely important when manufacturing signs. Most people don't realize that everyday they go shopping they are walking under signs that are so heavy a crane must pick them up when being installed. They are made of metal, Glass, Plastic etc. If any of these materials prematurely fail you are potentially at risk of an injury that you will ultimetly be responsible for. Sign materials must hold up to the elements, sun, rain, wind, temperature.  

5. A sign must must be UL listed - UL or Underwriters Laboratories has created a sign manufacturing criteria that sign manufacturers must meet or exceed when manufacturing a sign. If a UL inspector does not feel a sign was built to meet the criteria they have provided it will be failed and the sign manufacturer will not be allowed to place a UL label on that sign.  In most towns & counties a sign will not pass the electrical inspection without a UL label.  Check ul.com to make sure the sign company you are working with is listed on the UL website. If not ask yourself "How are they going to list my sign with UL and meet the local code? It is against the law and UL will prosecute anyone involved in using fraudulent UL labels. A UL label is your insurance. If a sign has a UL label every step possible has been taken to manufacture a safe product. 

At Empire Graphics & Signs we  use the highest quality materials and the best technology available. Our state of the art equipment and experienced craftsmanship ensures that your sign will be manufactured to meet UL criteria as well as local codes.

Let us do the work, and our promise to you will be a high-quality, high-impact sign that helps your business grow.

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    Our Design team is here to take your vision and present a professional design that can incorporate your logo, company colors, and message.

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    We'll do it right. The first time. We've built our reputation by providing the best customer service and exceeding client expectations.

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    Combine the highest quality materials with our years of sign making experience and you know that your sign will be made right.


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